• China Nuts and Roasted Products Exhibition Concluded Successfully
    October 19,2020. China Nuts and Roasted Products Exhibition Concluded Successfully
    in Hefei Binhu Convention and Exhibition Center in September 20th, 2020 year. Angelon color sorting machines attract many customers to test and share the outstanding performance for nuts and roasted products.1,Independent R&D with over 70 patents2,Over 19 years experience focused on belt-type machineBelt type machine ensures constant and stable sorting speed which with lower damage to material.Belt type machine ensure stable sorting performance and higher sorting accuracy3,Advanced machine structureEasy to process products that rich in water or oil.Video for roasted punats sorting.
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  • The key part of scrap metal recycling
    2020-09-20 The key part of scrap metal recycling
    The "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Measures for the Recycling of Scrapped Motor Vehicles" recently jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and other 7 departments will come into force on September 1st, which clearly stipulate the recycling of end-of-life motor vehicles in terms of qualification and management, supervision and management, exit mechanism, legal responsibility, etc. Data show that as of June this year, possession quantity of cars in China is 270 million, and theoretically scrapped vehicles are nearly 10 million a year. However, the number of vehicles recycled nationwide in 2019 was only 1.951 million, and the recycling rate was only 0.75%, which is far lower than the 3% to 5% car scrap recycling rate of European and American countries.Although China is a huge and vast country, non-ferrous metal resources are not abundant enough, and it needs to be imported to meet the needs of economic development. And when ore is mined, huge energy, manpower, and financial resources are consumed. If all kinds of scrap metals can be recycled and reused to the greatest extent, it will not only save the earth's limited resources, but also protect the environment and green development.According to rough estimates, recycling an abandoned aluminum can  could save 20% of the money and save more than 90% of energy than making a new can.Primary aluminum is the resource product of "high pollution and high energy consumption". Bauxite is the main raw material for the production of primary aluminum. It is a non-renewable resource, and the available amount is limited by the mineral reserves. But the main raw material of recycled aluminum is scrap aluminum, which can be continuously recycled.Due to the strong substitution of secondary aluminum and primary aluminum products, with China's strengthening of environmental protection and the implementation of vigorously developing circular economy policies, the proportion of secondary aluminum in aluminum production will increase.Theoretically, metals can be recycled without restriction. Scrap metal recycling brings important opportunities to save energy and protect the environment, and contributes to a low-carbon, resource-saving green economy.However, hindered by the two major processes of recovery (disposal and sorting) ,the scrap metal is affected during deep processing and recycling, and the metal recycling rate is still at a low level.The metal recycling industry plays a key role in the entire industrial development process, and the effect of metal separation is an important factor affecting metal recycling and reuse.Angelon color sorter has been working in the sorting line for many years, has accumulated a large amount of industry experience and technical experience, and has been well received by users.Angelon metal color sorter uses advanced visual recognition technology and can develop sort...
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  • Angelon in Linyi Peanut Elite Summit
    July 30,2020. Angelon in Linyi Peanut Elite Summit
    China Peanut Industry Development Conference and Peanut Trade Expo have successfully concluded at Qingdao International Expo CenterShandong Province has always been the most important processing and export base for China's peanuts, and whose export volume accounts for more than 70% of the country's total (especially concentrated in Qingdao). There is an endless stream of consumers, suppliers, and related equipment manufacturers who come to visit the peanut exhibition.After seeing the sorting result of Angelon peanut color sorter, customers praised our machine and paid the deposit on the spot.On July 16-17th, the 8th China Peanut Elite Summit is in Shandong Linyi International Convention and Exhibition Center; Angelon will be there waiting for your arrival and sharing the latest peanut sorting solutions with you.
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  • Angelon Color Sorter with Peanuts
    July 30,2020. Angelon Color Sorter with Peanuts
    It’s peanuts’ harvest time!The peanut planting area is relatively extensive in China, and the peanut harvest time varies from region to region. The Jianghuai region generally starts harvesting from August to September, while the northern region generally starts harvesting in September.The timing of the peanut harvest must be accurate, neither too early nor too late. Too early harvest time will result in insufficient peanut kernels and low oil yield; too late harvest time will cause peanuts to sprout, and make it easy to drop the fruit out and difficult to harvest. These will affect the quality of peanuts.Reprocessing in peanut processingThe peanuts after harvest have very high moisture content and need to be dried in time to prevent the peanuts from becoming mildewed or sprouting. Peanut products can be seen everywhere in life, but whether it is to make peanut oil, peanut milk, or peanut butter, you need high-quality peanuts, because "healthy consumption" has become a mainstream consumer trend. Food safety is the first element of food processing enterprises.How to ensure the quality of peanut raw materialsPeanuts are inevitably exposed to mold and borers during storage, which will affect the quality of peanuts. Angelon peanut color sorter uses a visual recognition system and with the double-belt structure design, can greatly reduce the damage and sprout of peanuts during the sorting process, to ensure that the sorted peanuts are not only of good quality, but also good in appearance.Food safetyIn the eyes of consumers, peanuts represent nutrition. For every consumer, the most concerned thing is the "safety on the tip of the tongue". Food safety is no small matter. Angelon color sorter insists on providing enterprises with the most professional and caring sorting solutions, as well as a strong guarantee for the food health and safety that consumers concern most. In the transformation of consumption upgrading, food safety is the original intention.
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  • Angelon Color Sorter Selects the Best Hot-pot Raw Materials
    July 30,2020. Angelon Color Sorter Selects the Best Hot-pot Raw Materials
    Take you into the world of hot potThe best ingredients often require only the simplest cooking methods. A pot of butter with seasonings such as chili, pepper, star anise, garlic, etc., becomes the hot pot base. The soul of hot pot lies in the bottom material of hot pot. Chili, pepper, star anise, garlic, these are the protagonists of the hot pot base. A good hot pot is inseparable from good raw materials. Angelon color sorter selects good raw materials for you, removes impurities and bad materials, so that you can eat at ease and comfort. Please see our sorting example:Finally, chili, pepper, star anise, and garlic were put into the hot pot. The best raw materials are selected from the complex raw materials, which all benefit from the excellent performance of the Angelon color sorter. Angelon color sorter can not only sort pepper, pepper, star anise, garlic, but also sort peanuts, frozen vegetables, nuts and other foods, color sorting + shape sorting, dry sorting or wet sorting, and the sorting effect is more outstanding.
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  • Angelon Chili Sorter Machine—Sort by Color and Shape
    July 30,2020. Angelon Chili Sorter Machine—Sort by Color and Shape
    Why some people like spicy food?Why some people like spicy food, but some people not? From a scientific point of view, when eating spicy food, the brain will recognize "spicy" as pain. In order to relieve this pain, the brain will secrete endorphin to make people feel happy. People who like to eat spicy food use this kind of "spicy" to abuse their organs, and then use morphine in the brain to boost themselves.What else is hot pepper besides spicy?Antipyretic and analgesic: Capsicum is pungent, which can lower body temperature through sweating and relieve muscle pain.Increase appetite and help digestion: The strong spicy taste of chili can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice and increase appetite.Lowering fat and losing weight: Capsaicin contained in chili peppers can promote fat metabolism, prevent fat accumulation in the body, and help reduce fat, lose weight and prevent diseases.But no matter what kind of taste, insect pests and moldy peppers not only directly affect the taste, but also have great food safety risks. How to eliminate these spoiled peppers? This requires the use of Angelon chili color sorter.
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