• Angelon Garlic Sorter in USA
    Angelon garlic color sorters are widely used in China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and so on. It has been the first choice in the Garlic processing industry in Asia, and its effect and performance have been fully tested.Angelon garlic color sorters were launched in Miami, US in 2018. The performance are impressive and the price is a bargain. Here is a brief introduction of its situation for reference.The customer bought garlic from Miami port, including purple garlic and white garlic. The garlic cloves are going to be peeled, washed, sorted and then packed in the factory. After peeling the garlic through the peeling machine, there is still a large part of the unpeeled or scarred garlic cloves, these are the parts that need color selection machine to remove.At the customer's factory, we can see that there is a RayTech color sorter working together with our color sorter. The price of our machine is much lower than Raytech's, but the effect is no less than that of raytech. The customer expressed his regret at meeting us too late. Please look at the pictures:
  • Angelon Nuts Color Sorter in Thailand - a Famous Snacks Company
    The fried peanuts in Sichuan Province are well-known in China, and the peeled peanuts in Qingdao, Shandong Province are also exported hotly to European and also the American countries. Angelon food-grade nuts color sorter is one of the most essential parts in their front-end processing line.A Thai customer saw our color sorter during a business visit to China and was impressed by its actual sorting results. And after returning back to Thailand, he immediately purchased three Angelon nut color sorters for sorting peeled peanuts and fried peeled mung beans.Angelon can distinguish the subtle color difference of peanuts after frying and roasting by its unique software processing method. It can also accurately sort out buds, red heads, lengths, brokens, etc. At the same time, it can not only solve the automatic cleaning of oil, water and dust, but also prevent the second collisions.
  • A Different Africa
    One of our customers is a French multinational Group who had been purchasing 8 sets Angelon Double-belt PET color sorter from the year 2015 to 2019, which were used in their branch factories in Tunisia, UK, and France for separating green as well as blue and transparent colored PET flakes. We are very proud of and with many thanks to their continuous trusting as always
  • Dry Chili Sorting Machine in India
     Angelon sorting machines are well-known in chilli industry, getting good reputations from our clients. We provide chilli color sorting solutions and shape sorting solutions to improve products quality, helping our clients getting more profits.One of chili customers locates in India, he is main business is to export stem-cuting chilli to China. However, the efficiency of the stem cutting machine is only about 80% to 90%. In order to remove 99% stem chilli, this company had to employ a lot of labors to remove stem chilies manually. It was high in labor cost but low in efficiency.Then they choose Angelon chilli sorting machines. Mixed stem chilli and stem-cuting chili together lifted to sorting machine, and 99% stem chili removed. 1 to 1.2 metric ton productivity per hour. Packing directly, no people grading again.Before using Angelon chilli sorting machine: crowd of people working, low efficiency, higher labor costs, lack of labor in busy season.After using Angelon chilli sorting machine: few people working, higher productivity, less labor costs, stable production.
  • Angelon Garlic Color Sorter in Mexico
    The garlic planting season in Mexico lasts from March to the end of July, when Chinese purple garlic and white garlic are grown everywhere. Mexico is one of the main garlic producing areas in South America. After the customer purchased the first Angelon garlic color sorter in 2016, he continued to expand its scale and added two more production lines. So far, he has purchased 6 color sorters and put them into three production lines, which mainly used for sorting unpeeled and scarred garlic in the peeling process.Angelon Garlic Color Sorter has high sorting accuracy and big capacity, which can reduce labor costs a lot.
  • Angelon Pellets Sorting Machine in Michigan
    The Angelon-C421 color sorter applied to plastic granules located in Michigan, USA . It has 512 ejectors and is designed for small particle materials. The customer collects discarded mixed materials from plastic granulating factories. These mixed plastic granules of various colors are basically worthless. After sorting by Angelon color sorter, the waste will be turned into treasure.The value of transparent granules and white granules is relatively high, so firstly we separate the pure transparent granules and then separates the white granules.
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