Angelon Garlic Sorter in USA Jul 31,2020.

Angelon garlic color sorters are widely used in China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand and so on. It has been the first choice in the Garlic processing industry in Asia, and its effect and performance have been fully tested.

Angelon garlic color sorters were launched in Miami, US in 2018. The performance are impressive and the price is a bargain. Here is a brief introduction of its situation for reference.The customer bought garlic from Miami port, including purple garlic and white garlic. The garlic cloves are going to be peeled, washed, sorted and then packed in the factory. After peeling the garlic through the peeling machine, there is still a large part of the unpeeled or scarred garlic cloves, these are the parts that need color selection machine to remove.

At the customer's factory, we can see that there is a RayTech color sorter working together with our color sorter. The price of our machine is much lower than Raytech's, but the effect is no less than that of raytech. The customer expressed his regret at meeting us too late. Please look at the pictures:

garlic color sorters

Sorting Demo-1.jpg


Sorting Demo-2.jpg

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