Dry Chili Sorting Machine in India Jul 31,2020.

 Angelon sorting machines are well-known in chilli industry, getting good reputations from our clients. We provide chilli color sorting solutions and shape sorting solutions to improve products quality, helping our clients getting more profits.

One of chili customers locates in India, he is main business is to export stem-cuting chilli to China. However, the efficiency of the stem cutting machine is only about 80% to 90%. In order to remove 99% stem chilli, this company had to employ a lot of labors to remove stem chilies manually. It was high in labor cost but low in efficiency.

Then they choose Angelon chilli sorting machines. Mixed stem chilli and stem-cuting chili together lifted to sorting machine, and 99% stem chili removed. 1 to 1.2 metric ton productivity per hour. Packing directly, no people grading again.

Before using Angelon chilli sorting machine: crowd of people working, low efficiency, higher labor costs, lack of labor in busy season.

After using Angelon chilli sorting machine: few people working, higher productivity, less labor costs, stable production.

chilli sorting machine

Dried Chili Color Sorting Demo.jpg

Stem-Chili Shape Sorting.jpg

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