Angelon Color Sorter with Peanuts Jul 30,2020.

It’s peanuts’ harvest time!

The peanut planting area is relatively extensive in China, and the peanut harvest time varies from region to region. The Jianghuai region generally starts harvesting from August to September, while the northern region generally starts harvesting in September.

The timing of the peanut harvest must be accurate, neither too early nor too late. Too early harvest time will result in insufficient peanut kernels and low oil yield; too late harvest time will cause peanuts to sprout, and make it easy to drop the fruit out and difficult to harvest. These will affect the quality of peanuts.


Reprocessing in peanut processing

The peanuts after harvest have very high moisture content and need to be dried in time to prevent the peanuts from becoming mildewed or sprouting. Peanut products can be seen everywhere in life, but whether it is to make peanut oil, peanut milk, or peanut butter, you need high-quality peanuts, because "healthy consumption" has become a mainstream consumer trend. Food safety is the first element of food processing enterprises.

How to ensure the quality of peanut raw materials

Peanuts are inevitably exposed to mold and borers during storage, which will affect the quality of peanuts. Angelon peanut color sorter uses a visual recognition system and with the double-belt structure design, can greatly reduce the damage and sprout of peanuts during the sorting process, to ensure that the sorted peanuts are not only of good quality, but also good in appearance.

Food safety

In the eyes of consumers, peanuts represent nutrition. For every consumer, the most concerned thing is the "safety on the tip of the tongue". Food safety is no small matter. Angelon color sorter insists on providing enterprises with the most professional and caring sorting solutions, as well as a strong guarantee for the food health and safety that consumers concern most. In the transformation of consumption upgrading, food safety is the original intention.






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