Dry Chilli Sorting Machine in India Jul 20,2021.

Angelon sorting machines are well-known in chilli industry, getting good reputations from clients. We provide chilli color sorting solutions and shape sorting solutions to improve products quality, helping clients getting more profits.


Angelon keeps a professional technician team in India. From placing an order to machine commissioning and installation, our team always give the fully support to clients.  


One of the chilli customers is located in Guntur, India. His main business is to export stem-cutting chilli to China. He bought one chilli sorting machine in 2019 year. In 2021 year, his business are deeply affected by the covid-19 virus. In order to solve the labors shortage issue, he bought a new machine.


Before machine delivered to factory, our India technicians contacted customer to guide them to prepare auxiliary equipment. When machine reached factory, our technicians were responsible for installation and commissioning.  

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Technical person o-site-1.jpg

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