The Application of Color Sorting in Blueberry Processing Jul 29,2021.

Entering summer, blueberries ushered in a harvest season. The villagers are busy picking, sorting, and packing blueberries in the blueberry orchard which shows a good harvest in the planting base.

Just pick a ripe blueberry fruit and place it in your mouth, take a bite, the delicate and crispy peel will collapse between the lips and teeth, and the plump juice will overflow in the mouth, sweet and sour and refreshing, full of happiness.

Blueberries originated in North America, called blueberries because of their blue color. Blueberry fruits are rich in nutrients, which have the functions of preventing brain nerve aging, protecting eyesight, softening blood vessels and enhancing human immunity.

Angelon provide solutions for blueberry color sorting

Here are some sorting photos by Angelon sorters:


▲Raw material before sorting▲


▲Accepts after sorting▲


▲Rejects after sorting▲

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