The key part of scrap metal recycling 2020-09-20


The "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Measures for the Recycling of Scrapped Motor Vehicles" recently jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and other 7 departments will come into force on September 1st, which clearly stipulate the recycling of end-of-life motor vehicles in terms of qualification and management, supervision and management, exit mechanism, legal responsibility, etc. Data show that as of June this year, possession quantity of cars in China is 270 million, and theoretically scrapped vehicles are nearly 10 million a year. However, the number of vehicles recycled nationwide in 2019 was only 1.951 million, and the recycling rate was only 0.75%, which is far lower than the 3% to 5% car scrap recycling rate of European and American countries.

Although China is a huge and vast country, non-ferrous metal resources are not abundant enough, and it needs to be imported to meet the needs of economic development. And when ore is mined, huge energy, manpower, and financial resources are consumed. If all kinds of scrap metals can be recycled and reused to the greatest extent, it will not only save the earth's limited resources, but also protect the environment and green development.

According to rough estimates, recycling an abandoned aluminum can  could save 20% of the money and save more than 90% of energy than making a new can.

Primary aluminum is the resource product of "high pollution and high energy consumption". Bauxite is the main raw material for the production of primary aluminum. It is a non-renewable resource, and the available amount is limited by the mineral reserves. But the main raw material of recycled aluminum is scrap aluminum, which can be continuously recycled.

Due to the strong substitution of secondary aluminum and primary aluminum products, with China's strengthening of environmental protection and the implementation of vigorously developing circular economy policies, the proportion of secondary aluminum in aluminum production will increase.


Theoretically, metals can be recycled without restriction. Scrap metal recycling brings important opportunities to save energy and protect the environment, and contributes to a low-carbon, resource-saving green economy.

However, hindered by the two major processes of recovery (disposal and sorting) ,the scrap metal is affected during deep processing and recycling, and the metal recycling rate is still at a low level.

The metal recycling industry plays a key role in the entire industrial development process, and the effect of metal separation is an important factor affecting metal recycling and reuse.

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