Angelon Chili Sorter Machine—Sort by Color and Shape Jul 30,2020.

Why some people like spicy food?

Why some people like spicy food, but some people not? From a scientific point of view, when eating spicy food, the brain will recognize "spicy" as pain. In order to relieve this pain, the brain will secrete endorphin to make people feel happy. People who like to eat spicy food use this kind of "spicy" to abuse their organs, and then use morphine in the brain to boost themselves.

What else is hot pepper besides spicy?

  1. Antipyretic and analgesic: Capsicum is pungent, which can lower body temperature through sweating and relieve muscle pain.

  2. Increase appetite and help digestion: The strong spicy taste of chili can stimulate the secretion of saliva and gastric juice and increase appetite.

  3. Lowering fat and losing weight: Capsaicin contained in chili peppers can promote fat metabolism, prevent fat accumulation in the body, and help reduce fat, lose weight and prevent diseases.

But no matter what kind of taste, insect pests and moldy peppers not only directly affect the taste, but also have great food safety risks. How to eliminate these spoiled peppers? This requires the use of Angelon chili color sorter.

Stem-cut chili Sorting.jpg

Fresh Chili Sorting.jpg

Dry Chili Sorting-1.jpg

Dry Chili Sorting-2.jpg

Dry Pepper Sorting.jpg

Pickled Pepper Sorting.jpg

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