Angelon Belt-type Pepper Sorter—Excellent Sorting with Low Carryout Jul 30,2020.

Pepper can temporarily relieve toothache. When toothache happens, you can bite the pepper on the part for a period of time, and the pain can be significantly relieved. So why does Sichuan pepper have such a magical effect? The original pepper contains a lot of phytic acid, limonene, sanshool, cumyl alcohol and other substances, which plays an anesthetic and analgesic effect.



Pepper is an excellent condiment. Picked peppers usually need to be exposed in sunshine and will crack in 5-6 hours. After the prickly ash particles are completely popped, tap lightly with a bamboo stick to separate the prickly ash seeds, branches and husks, and then use a sieve, windmill and other tools to separate the three. This is the traditional sorting method.


The quality of the peppercorns will be better when they are dried and sorted the same day. However, traditional manual sorting often requires a lot of time and labors, and sorting steps are complicated which affects the quality of peppercorns. Compared with traditional manual sorting, the sorting is more accurate and faster. The finished product contains no impurities, and it strictly controls the take-out ratio, saving time and effort and comes with bigger output.





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