AI Visual Recognition, Dedicated to Intelligent Sorting of Recycling Resources Jul 30,2020.

Separating Glass Fragments

For now, there are several types of recycling and utilization of glass products: as casting flux, transformation utilization, remaking, raw material recycling and reuse, etc. In the glass manufacturing process, the utilization of waste and broken glass fragments has the following advantages:

  • Saving raw materials, using 1kg of cullet can save 1.2kg of raw materials.

  • Speed up the glass melting process, reduce the heat consumption of glass melting, thereby reducing the production cost of glass and increasing the production volume.

There will be a lot of other metal and non-metal impurities in the recycled glass fragments, and the various colored cullet cannot be used when making colorless flint glass, which must be manually or machine color sorting.

Manual sorting is only suitable for whole bottles, the sorting efficiency is low and manual sorting of glass fragments is dangerous, while the machine sorting glass is safe and fast, eliminating hidden dangers. Angelon waste glass fragments color sorter is equipped with high-speed CCD cameras and uses an intelligent visual recognition system to sort materials accurately and quickly according to their optical color or shape difference.




Separating Waste Metal Scraps

Scraped circuit boards, waste motors, waste electronic products, etc., all contain different metals, and which have different values. For example, the price of iron scraps is only 1,000 RMB per ton in the market, while the quotation of zinc scraps is 10,000 RMB per ton, and the quotation of copper scraps is more than 40,000 RMB per ton. In conclusion, the profits after the sorting of different metals are very considerable.

Angelon waste metals color sorter can sort out various waste metals accordingly.



Separating Recycling Plastics

Plastic products are indispensable daily necessities in life.

“Of the 9 billion tons of plastic products in the world, only 9% are recycled. This data is shocking.” At the forum on June 6, 2019, Zhu Xingxiang, president of the China Circular Economy Association, said that.

Whether from an economic or environmental point of view, there is still a large market for the recycling of plastic products.

Angelon plastic color sorter, through intelligent optoelectronic technology, the recognition degree can reach 0.08mm² with high sorting accuracy.



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