Angelon Color Sorter for Recyclable Material---Plastic, Metal,Glass May 20,2020.

How to use technology to simplify, intelligent and efficient boring repetitive actions?

Angelon is a leading brand in color sorters, with wide range of product applications and can sort hundreds of materials, such as food: peanuts, peppers, nuts, pepper, frozen vegetables, potassium Feldspar, quartz sand, calcium carbonate, calcite, plastics, waste glass, scrap metal, recycled materials. In the situation of resource and raw material shortage , full recycling of waste resources not only meets the national green environmental protection call, but also reduces production costs and brings better benefits to enterprises.

Angelon color sorter can sort plastic fragments, scrap metal, recycled materials, and waste glass.


The working principle of the color sorter is to automatically sort out the heterochromatic particles in the granular material by photoelectric detection technology according to the difference in the optical characteristics of the material. Angelon color sorter is equipped with a new generation of high-speed CCD color camera with a pixel of up to 2048, which can identify subtle differences of 0.08mm². Therefore, Angelon color sorter can easily score and select materials of different colors.

The replacement of labor by machines is an irreversible trend in future industry development. Compared with manual sorting, the advantages of machine sorting are prominent. Angelon Renewable Resource Color Sorter has faster sorting speed and higher accuracy, and it can replace complicated and tedious manual labor with just a finger.

Plastic Flakes Sorting-1.jpgPlastic Flakes Sorting-2.jpgWaste Glass Sorting.jpgWaste Metal Scraps Sorting.jpg

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