What is a Color Sorter? Apr 19,2022

"What is a color sorter?" is one of the most frequently asked questions.

A color sorter is a machine that separates poor-quality material from premium-quality material by using optical detection technology. Any equipment that helps improve the material quality by removing defects based on the detection of color difference can be called a color sorter or a color sorting machine.

There are two types of color sorters: one is chute-type, and another is belt-type. Although both the chute-type and belt-type color sorters apply the photoelectric detection technology, there are significant differences between chute-type and belt-type color sorters.

Raw material moves through chutes and falls from top to bottom on a chute-type sorter. The belt-type sorter uses the belt to transport the raw material horizontally. The structural differences between chute-type and belt-type sorters lead to different working capacities and sorting performance. Chute-type sorters usually surpass belt-type sorters in working capacity while belt-type surpass chute-type in sorting performance.

Angelon specializes in the R&D in belt-type color sorters, and Angelon sorters are widely applied to recyclable resources, the mining industry, and the food industry.

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