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The Angelon K series Model Glass Cullet Sorter is an advanced optical sorting device designed to efficiently and accurately separate glass cullet based on its properties. With cutting-edge technology and superior performance, this sorter revolutionizes the glass recycling industry by providing a highly reliable and cost-effective solution.

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Key Features:

1. Optical Sorting Technology: The Angelon K series utilizes state-of-the-art optical sensors and image processing algorithms to detect and analyze various characteristics of glass cullet, such as color, shape, size, and transparency. This enables precise identification and sorting of different types of glass materials.


2. High Sorting Accuracy: The advanced optical system of the Angelon K series ensures exceptional sorting accuracy, achieving a high purity level of the separated glass cullet. By effectively removing contaminants and impurities, it enhances the quality of recycled glass and increases its market value.


3. Versatility and Flexibility: The Angelon K series is a versatile sorting machine capable of handling a wide range of glass cullet sizes and shapes. It can efficiently sort glass fragments, shards, and broken pieces, adapting to the diverse requirements of glass recycling operations.


4. Wet Sorting Capability: One of the distinguishing features of the Angelon K series is its exceptional performance in wet sorting conditions. The equipment is designed to handle glass cullet with a certain moisture content, making it ideal for applications where the material contains some level of water. This capability significantly expands its usability and ensures consistent sorting efficiency even in humid environments.


5. Easy Operation and Maintenance: The Angelon K series is designed for user-friendly operation, with an intuitive interface and customizable sorting parameters. Its robust construction and high-quality components minimize maintenance requirements and ensure long-term reliability, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.


6. Cost-Effective Solution: By streamlining the glass cullet sorting process and optimizing efficiency, the Angelon K series helps businesses reduce labor costs and increase overall operational efficiency. The improved purity and quality of the sorted glass cullet also contribute to higher market value and improved profitability.



The Angelon K series Model Glass Cullet Sorter finds extensive applications in the glass recycling industry, providing reliable and efficient sorting solutions for various types of glass cullet. Its wet sorting capability makes it particularly suitable for environments where moisture is present in the material, allowing for efficient sorting even in challenging conditions.


In conclusion, the Angelon K series Model Glass Cullet Sorter sets new standards in optical sorting technology, delivering exceptional performance, versatility, and accuracy. With its capability to effectively handle wet glass cullet, it offers a reliable solution for the glass recycling industry, enabling businesses to achieve higher purity levels and improved profitability.

Machine specifications: 

Model NumberK421C8-512SV4.5
Power (KW)7
Voltage (V)220
Dimension (L×W×H, mm)4624*2080*2411
Weight (KG)1296
Air Pressure (MPa)0.6-0.8
Number of Cameras8
Sorting Accuracy (%)≥99
Number of Nozzles512

 Material applicable:




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